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Monsanto Invades Your Food and Skin Care

How Monsanto Controls the Government

The Agriculture & biotech giant Monsanto also called (MON) has now become the only poster child for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) for those companies that need them, especially when looking for ways to improve the food security. Since the St. Louis-based company started operating in the year 1990, they have been a company that proved to be the leading when it comes to making GMO part of the diet in the nation.

It also today dominates the market for the genetically modified crops, through supplying farmers from all over the world with corn, soy, alfalfa seeds and sugar beets. According to the freelance reports by Chris Parker, the market is exposed to over 4,000 tons of Monsanto making it among the best crops that you can ever get from Monsanto’s seeds. In addition, the cover has been 40% of the America’s crop acres when compared to worldwide at 27%.

The market has a handful of companies such as Monsanto trying to change global food landscape. For instance, the Dow Chemical (DOW), Syngenta (SYT), DuPont (DD), BASF and Bayer CropScience are now the other major companies of agricultural chemical that have been attacked and criticized for their development of the genetically engineered foods. This has made it a world issue for those people who would like to solve the food shortage problem. In addition, some people have questioned their credentials after beginning to offer what they would sell for the people within the market.

More than 60 countries today has either ban GMOs or regulate, but the U.S. A. is neither one of them. If the country does not take up measures, it would be a tragedy after they start witnessing some of the side effects that comes with it based on the potential perceived risks. In addition, FDA’s priority has always been to ensure all foods, which include those derived from the GE plants, are safe at the same time in compliance with the applicable regulations and FD&C Act.

Today, FDA has never recognized the existence of diverse views especially among food manufacturers, the public, and the agricultural industry. Other may criticize them for not taking measures especially when they need to improve the safety of the Americans especially from the food that they eat.

Cotton, soybeans, and corn are the most common GE crops sold in the U.S. By last year, these GE cotton was accounting for 94 percent of all cotton planted, with GE soybeans accounting for 93 percent of soybeans planted, and corn accounting for 88 percent of corn planted, as per the USDA report. Monsanto also reported the net sales of $4.3 billion with a profit close to $990 million in just the last quarter, making it the world’s biggest seed manufacturer. Unless measures are taken, the statistics are set to rise making it one of the countries with the largest trade of GE in the whole world. In addition, Monsanto will definitely slap small farmers with the lawsuits when they believe it is their patents that have been violated. With the trend, it would be hard for the government to control the food sector as many GMOs are being produced for consumption for citizens.

In conclusion, the above information should help you understand how Monsanto influences government especially when it comes to the trade of GMOs in the world.